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Christian Music needs your help.

If music with a message that praises the Lord is to extend it's reach, then we need everyone's help to support it, share it, talk about it, buy it, donate to it, support the artists, churches, and industry folks that just want to do what the Lord calls them to do.


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Our Mission

Our mission is pretty simple. We want the music to draw those that hear it closer to God. If we can help do that, then Praise The Lord! The glory belongs to him.



I am hoping to raise the funds to get into a professional recording studio to record an album soon. I may go the online way through KickStarter or I may raise funds right here on my website. Either way, any help at all, no matter how small is very much appreciated and all who do help, will get their hands on the very first copies of the album that will be titled: "He Is Faithful"

You can email me anytime for more information, or how to make a donation, and to let me know, that You want to be a part of a special group of people that will help spread RM3's "Music with a Message" out to the WORLD! (If you want to just skip it all and make a donation right now, you can do that by donating at our TheStop.us PayPal account which is: RM3Music@MyRM3.com or click the donation button below) 100% of all donations go to helping get the album recorded and out to the public. Email me anytime for complete information and if you want to be one of the first ones to get a copy. It may take awhile to raise the funds, but however long it takes it not up to me.


Our Email Address is: info@MyRM3.com

Our Fans speak out

RM3's music is spirit led and wonderful Worship and Contemporary Christian Music that is from the heart.
- Jane Jordan, The Believers Project


SoundCloud Stats

Getting lots of play on SoundCloud. Thanks!


Buy the New Single Release of "Call of the Lord"© and the new Single Release of "I Know You're Out There" on the Music page.
All Sales of the Singles go toward recording the Album

What we've accomplished
  • Original Christian Music
  • Desire to record a Regional & National Album.
    I recorded a regional album in 1983 with my band. 
  • Played live all over the NorthWest.
  • Leading Worship and Music at Church.
  • Christian Music Concerts. 
  • Reaching new young Christians.
Press Release and Article

RM3 - Rocky Mountain Majestic Music, a Christian Artist has released their World Wide Single of "Call Of The Lord". The very popular Song is the work of Steve Parke, the former Lead Singer, Guitarist, and Bassist of CrossFire, Aspen, Rainbow, Bellitrix, and WC. The single release is being distributed by CDBaby at http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/rm3rockymountainmajestic and also at RM3's website at www.MyRM3.com. The MP3 cost 99 cents and all proceeds go toward the cost of recording the Album in Nashville.

Richard Scott who is currently touring with 3 Time Grammy Nominated Artist Matt Maher recorded the drums on the song. Steve Parke played the Guitars, Keyboards, Bass, Violins, and Sang the song. Steve wrote the song in September of 2000 and his heart for the Lord is in his music.

RM3 also released their new Single called: "I Know You're Out There" and is also for sale for 99 cents right here and again, all proceeds to twoard the cost of recording the full Album professionally.

You can visit www.MyRM3.com anytime and from there, join RM3's Newsletter, Facebook page, Twitter page, YouTube Channel, and more to stay informed of the music or Rocky Mountain Majestic Music and Steve Parke.

"Call Of The Lord" is also for sale on iTunes, Rapsody, eMusic, MediaNet, Inprodicon, Tradebit, GreatIndieMusic, Amazon MP3, Groove, Spotify, 7Digital, Deezer, 24-7, Google Music Store, Omnifone, iHeart Radio, Rumblefish, Slacker Radio, CD Baby, Shazam, Yandex, YouTube Music, Tidal, Akazoo, SoundExchange, 8Tracks, Synchtank, Kdigital, Kuack, AWA, KKdigital, and more.

You watch the Video at https://youtu.be/XM3GA3FUHGw and on CDBaby YouTube Channel as well. Plus the Lyric Video with Montana photography at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PZI-Z8lr3oQ

RM3 hopes people will support the "Music with a Message" by buying the MP3 Single Release for 99 cents. Steve needs to sell over 20,000 copies in order to professionally record the Album which will feature a dozen of RM3's original Christian Music songs. Steve hopes to carry his Music with a Message to the world, and he does this for the Lord and he sure does appreciate your support.

Buy RM3’s Single Release and MP3 download of “Call Of The Lord” today for only 99 cents at: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/rm3rockymountainmajestic

Praise The Lord!