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How to Contact Us

You can email me anytime at: and if you are a Church or have an event and would like me to come and play a couple of my original Christian songs, or more, let me know. Really, all I need is gas money and a meal and I am happy to come and play, just get a hold of me. I can travel in the NorthWest, or I can fly out too with a donation.

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Where we are located


We are located in Butte, Montana in the middle of the Rocky Mountains. Hence the name RM3 - Rocky Mountian Majestic Music. If the awesome beauty and power of the Rocky Mountains can't inspire some good music, I don't know what will. We are surrounded by God's creations, beauty, and awesome wonders.


How to help RM3 Spread the Word

I am hoping to raise the funds to get into a professional recording studio to record an album soon. I may go the online way through KickStarter or I may raise funds right here on my website. Either way, any help at all, no matter how small is very much appreciated and all who do help, will get their hands on the very first copies of the album that will be titled: "He Is Faithful"

You can email me anytime for more information, or how to make a donation, and to let me know, that You want to be a part of a special group of people that will help spread RM3's "Music with a Message" out to the WORLD! (If you want to just skip it all and make a donation right now, you can do that by donating at our PayPal account which is: or click the donation button below) 100% of all donations go to helping get the album recorded and out to the public. Email me anytime for complete information and if you want to be one of the first ones to get a copy. It may take some time to raise the funds, but however long it takes is not up to me.



Our Email Address is:

Buy the New Single Release of "Call of the Lord"©
and the new Single of "I Know You're Out There" on the Music page.

All Sales proceeds from the Singles go toward recording the full Album.


RM3 - Rocky Mountain Majestic Music